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About US

We are a team of art and media professionals focused on helping everyone to have a chance to experience art.

We believe that by introducing communities to art, we can provide a therapeutic and emotional connection between the artist and their viewers.

EXP ART NOW invites artists and creators together to present their works through themed projects and events.

By providing a nexus between creators and opportunities, EXP ART NOW seeks to boost the profile of artists while hosting physical spaces for private and public communities to immerse themselves in art.

Experience Art Now


Maritza Benson

Maritza Benson created Experience Art NOW to share her love of art with the world and create a way to assist the creation of Art in our community.

Maritza is inspired by the world around her and the people she comes into contact with.

She is an independent curator, artist, and performer with a definitive interest in connecting with artists, promoting their work, and sharing their visions with the world.

She has a diversified background and sees things that others might ignore.

By creating thought-provoking exhibitions and events she is happy to connect people through art.

Our Services

Art and Gallery Curation

Video Projections

LED Displays

Production Support

Video Projections

Transform any space, and create jaw-dropping, reality-smashing spectacles on virtually any surface with projection mapping techniques.

Almost any surface can be masked with dynamic visual art, transforming what is a reality for the audience into illusions of infinite possibilities.

Make the world YOUR gallery!


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